Top 3 Nail Polish Trends for 2018

Every year across fashion industries we see new trends hitting the runway telling us what is going to be hot for the next year. Nail polish is no exception. Every year there is a new array of colors, designs, and styles that stand out among the crowd and set the pace for all that is "Instagram worthy" in nails. While you can always count on a classic clear coat or a traditional french tip if you're stuck in a jam, you don't want them to be the only nail art statement you are making. So, give these top three nail polish trends for 2018 a try, and turn some heads.

Glossy Finish

The past few years in nail polish and makeup trends have been all about the matte look. However, 2018 is bringing some big changes, kissing the flat matte goodbye, and welcoming shining glosses with open arms. Many polish brands are creating ultra shine versions of their best colors or introducing new and improved ultra shine top-coats to help create this top look.

Bold and Pastel Colors

If you are looking for a color that's on point for 2018, it's time to kick those neutral and dark colors to the curb. This year bold, bright, pastel colors are in. Some of the hottest colors this year are named cherry tomato, pink lavender, ultraviolet, and lime punch. If you aren't a color expert and not sure what that means, go with a bright purple or baby pink and you will be right on target!

Florals and Hearts

Everyone good girl loves good nail art, and this year the 90s are back! Basic hearts as cute statement art or girly floral patterns are all the rage. Create the look with an ultra glossy finish or throw on a top coat of glitter and you will have the best looking nails out there.