Polish Pal: Nail Polish’s New BFF

Everyone loves clean, fresh, beautiful nails, but going to the salon can be expensive and doing your own nails can be a chore! Well, not anymore! Gone are the days of balancing the nail polish bottle, dropping it out of your hands, or tipping it over on the counter. How is that possible you ask? It is possible because of Polish Pal!


As the first patented product of its kind, Polish Pal serves as a nail polish multi-tool that makes a great addition to any cosmetic bag. When it comes to our favorite nail polish it doesn't matter if you fancy a round bottle, square bottle, tall bottle, short bottle, skinny bottle, or thick bottle Polish Pal fits them all. Its versatile size is no different from its versatile uses. If you are painting your own nails, wear polish pal on top of your hands for easy access. If you are painting your friend's nails, wear polish pal with your hand turned over for better balance and stability.


Both at home nail polish enthusiasts and nail salon owners can benefit from Polish Pal. At salons, it will help artists get their job done more quickly and efficiently, and at home, it will help to prevent a mess.


No matter your personality or style preference, there is a Polish Pal for you. They come in bright pink, light pink, light blue, and purple sparkles. And, with the affordable price, you can choose to order one, order them all, or give them away as gifts!


Visit www.mypolishpal.com to see the product, learn more, and order yours today!