3 Ways To Use Polish Pal

Doing your nails can be a difficult task. It feels like every time you move the bottle falls over, you smudge a nail, or the bottle is just out of reach. Well, not anymore! With Polish Pal, all of your nail polish woes have been answered. This versatile, patented product is designed to hold any nail polish bottle and fit every size of a hand. It can also be used in many different ways, making a great product!

On Top of Your Hand

When you are doing your own nails one of the biggest difficulties is reaching the nail polish bottle without bumping your hand, smudging your nail polish, or knocking the bottle over. When you use Polish Pal to paint your own nails, you wear it on top of your hand. To do this, you fit two of your fingers into the slots and the bottle holder balances easily on top. As Polish Pal sits on top of your hand you will easily be able to reach the nail polish bottle as the special design holds the bottle secure, keeping it from spilling.

On the Bottom of Your Hand

Sometimes you find yourself painting someone else's nails besides your own. It might be your best friend's, your daughter's, your mother's, or a customer's at the salon. When you are painting someone else's nails it is best to wear he Polish Pal on the bottom of your hand instead of the top. To do this, turn your hand over so that your palm is facing towards the sky. Then, position your fingers in the slots, and balance the bottle on the palm of your hand. In this position, you will be able to move the bottle at will and reduce the possibility of spilling.

On a Surface

Sometimes you just don’t want to hold the bottle at all, and that’s okay! Polish Pal can also be set on a surface to provide for better access to the bottle and stability from wobbling around!