3 Ways To Use Polish Pal

Doing your nails can be a difficult task. It feels like every time you move the bottle falls over, you smudge a nail, or the bottle is just out of reach. Well, not anymore! With Polish Pal, all of your nail polish woes have been answered. This versatile, patented product is designed to hold any nail polish bottle and fit every size of a hand. It can also be used in many different ways, making a great product!

Top 3 Nail Polish Trends for 2018

Every year across fashion industries we see new trends hitting the runway telling us what is going to be hot for the next year. Nail polish is no exception. Every year there is a new array of colors, designs, and styles that stand out among the crowd and set the pace for all that is "Instagram worthy" in nails. While you can always count on a classic clear coat or a traditional french tip if you're stuck in a jam, you don't want them to be the only nail art statement you are making. So, give these top three nail polish trends for 2018 a try, and turn some heads.
Polish Pal: Nail Polish’s New BFF

Polish Pal: Nail Polish’s New BFF

Everyone loves clean, fresh, beautiful nails, but going to the salon can be expensive and doing your own nails can be a chore! Well, not anymore! Gone are the days of balancing the nail polish bottle, dropping it out of your hands, or tipping it over on the counter. How is that possible you ask? It is possible because of Polish Pal!